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It not the problem that; but how we handle it

"Everyone has problems. But whilst many people are overwhelmed and paralized by their problems for a long time, a "winner" is frustated just for a very short period of time. After that he changes frustration quickly into fascination. He gets active on solving the problem: he is fascinated by the opportunities and chances which come with the problem." (Bodo Schäfer)

Think about this. It is our decision for how long we feel bad about something that happend in a way that we did not want it to happen. You can decide and go on: okay, it happened that way, but I'll go on. Better than feeling bad about it, isn't it?



"Alle Menschen haben Probleme. Aber während viele Menschen sich lange in ihren Problemen baden, bleibt der Gewinner nur sehr kurze Zeit frustriert. Dann verwandelt er Frusttration in Faszination. Sehr bald wird er aktiv und beschäftigt sich mit der Lösung des Problems: Er ist fasziniert von den Möglichkeiten und Chancen, die er in dem Problem entdeckt."

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